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Luxury cars

Alfa Rent a Car offers luxury and standard cars for everyone


Insured cars

Insurance protects both the client and the company from emergencies


Affordable prices

When renting a car, you can take advantage of our profitable offers


Special Offers

We have special offers for long-term car renters


Saving time

Car hire online will make your work even easier


Customer support

Our employees who are professional in their business will provide you with online access and active phone numbers

Great Rental Offers for You


Start from 120.00AZN / per day
2018 Petrol Auto 2700

Mercedes-Benz ML 350

Start from 200.00AZN / per day
2015 Petrol Auto 55000

Lexus LX 570 2014

Start from 250.00AZN / per day
2014 Petrol Auto 25000

Land Rover Discovery 2016

Start from 180.00AZN / per day
2016 Petrol Auto 25000

Mercedes-Benz G-Class

Start from 300.00AZN / per day
2012 Petrol Auto 50000


Start from 100.00AZN / per day
2018 Petrol Auto 1400


Start from 70.00AZN / per day
2018 Petrol Auto 1800

Chevrolet Cruze 2018

Start from 90.00AZN / per day
2018 Petrol Auto 25000

Kia Optima

Start from 110.00AZN / per day
2014 Petrol Auto 25000

Kia Cerato 2018

Start from 80.00AZN / per day
2018 Petrol Auto 25000

Kia Cerato 2016

Start from 65.00AZN / per day
2016 Petrol Auto 25000

Chevrolet Aveo Premier 2019

Start from 70.00AZN / per day
2019 Petrol Auto 15000

Chevrolet Cruze Hatchback 2018

Start from 70.00AZN / per day
2018 Petrol Auto 25000


Start from 120.00AZN / per day
2017 Petrol Auto 25000

Although car rentals may have been luxurious in the past, they have become an irreplaceable support for people today. The car rental sector is expanding day by day. Compared to its competitors, Alfa Rent a Car retains its advantage by providing full service. As a Alfa Rent a Car company, we are proud of gaining approval of our customers by sharp and practical solution to their automotive needs. In addition to new car models, our company is at your service with responsible and professional staff.

Cars you rent for long-haul or suburban use are always clean and well maintained. The cars are regularly inspected to avoid problems during their operation. At the same time, we do not lose customer satisfaction by providing service to every budget. You can find out more about our services at any time through the online crack, which we use it based on the concept of continuous service. While maintaining our flawless service is one of our main goals, we also prioritize our commitment to quality in this regard.

Every car is insured by our company, so no extra expenses in case of accident can be a problem for you. Our company also makes special offers for those who want to rent a long-term car. Monthly car rental alternatives are provided to your service at reasonable prices and terms. The main priority direction of Alfa Rent a Car, which has proven itself with its advantages, is the customer satisfaction. That is why Alfa Rent a Car, which has a large customer base, has always been a leader in quality, technology, and innovation with a well-liked and healthy foundation.

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