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Car rental is becoming more and more popular over time, and people are renting cars for various reasons. In the past, car rentals were only used for business trips, but in many cases car rental is now more practical. When renting a car, the first thing to consider is the car insurance we rent. Insurance protects both the client and the company from emergencies. Rental car insurance is what will protect you from the excess costs you will have to pay if the rental car is damaged or stolen. Rental car insurance operates differently than personal car insurance. Thus, there are three types of car insurance: personal effects insurance, theft protection insurance, as well as vexation insurance. Every car rented by our company is insured and insurance is brought to the attention of the customer.

Insurance is considered ineffective in the following cases:

When a car rental document is used by someone other than the one whose name is written

Use of the car outside of the operating instructions (high engine temperature, damaged wheel, different petrol filling, etc.)

Use of a car without observance of traffic rules

An accident caused by an overloaded car

Failure to notify the company in the event of an accident or theft and leaving the vehicle at the scene of the accident, etc.

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