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Diesel or gasoline?

What is profitable for car rentals? Diesel or gasoline?

When is the car rental? diesel or gasoline? Let’s look at this topic together.

As you know, mostly, gasoline and diesel engines are preferred in Azerbaijan. The first question that comes to mind before buying a car is whether it has a diesel or a gasoline engine. If we look at the car market, diesel engine cars are 10-20% more expensive than gasoline. In addition, the maintenance of diesel cars requires a larger amount.

Diesel car maintenance costs more than gasoline. There are several reasons why maintenance costs are high. If the maintenance time of any spare part of the gasoline engine is 20,000 km, it is 15,000 km in the diesel engine. Diesel engine cars are generally considered to be “fuel grease” for gasoline. This also shows that diesel cars are one step ahead. Also, the lower prices for diesel fuel in our country show that these cars are profitable in every way.

If you pay attention to the costs when renting a car, then you can rent diesel cars offered by Alfa Rent Car Baku.

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